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Brief Description

This 40-50TPD wheat flour milling plant is a steel structure, which means the plansifter is placed on the platform, and the sieved material does not need to be delivered into the mill by elevator but by gravity.

This flour mill machinery project design can greatly save fan power, simplify the fan net to make it easy to control.
Besides, the steel structure flour mill project also has a compact structure, good appearance, and is easy to install and operate.

wheat flour mill
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Process Overview

Cleaning Section

This series of production lines cleaning part use 6 times cleaning machines. In the cleaning section, there are several aspiration systems that can reduce the dust spray-out from the machine and keep a good working environment.

This is a complicated thorough flow sheet that can remove most of the coarse offal, middle size offal, and fine offal in the grain. The cleaning section is not only suitable for grain imported with lower moisture but also suitable for dirty grain from local customers.

Milling And Section

In the milling and sieve section, there are four types of systems to mill the wheat to flour. They are 5-Break system, 7-Reduction system, 2-Scratch system, and 2-Tail system. Purifiers are specially designed to get more pure semolina sent to the Reduction which improves the flour quality by a large margin. The rollers for Reduction, Semolina, and Tail systems are smooth rollers that are well blasted.

The whole design will insure less bran is mixed into the bran and the flour yield is maximized. Because of the well-designed pneumatic lifting system, the whole mill material is transferred by a High-pressure fan. The milling room will be clean and sanitary for aspiration adoption.

Packing Part

All packing machines are automatic. The packing machine has advantages of high measuring accuracy, fastpacking speed, reliable and stable working. The packing machine has the function of fault self-diagnosis. Its sewing machine has automatic sewing and cutting function.

The packing machine is with sealed type bag-clamping mechanism, which can prevent material from leaking out.There are many types of specification like 1-5kg,2.5-10kg,20-25kg,30-50kg.The clients can choose different packing specifications according to requirements.

Electrical Control, And Management

In this part, we will supply an electrical control cabinet, signal cable, cable trays and cable ladders, and other electrical installation parts.

With a PLC control system, all the machinery will be controlled by Programmed Logical Controller. This will ensure the stable operation of machinery.



We have built commercial wheat flour mill plant projects that were designed with a pneumatic flour mill in many countries, Contact us to get the project report on wheat flour processing and the setup cost of a commercial wheat flour mill.


We have a variety of grain processing production lines and stand-alone equipment, if you have special needs, you can also customize production according to your needs.

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Please let us know the machine capacity you need, like 10t/d, 20t/d, 30t/d, 50t/d, etc; And the fineness of finished flour you want to get after milling; Other information like workshop size, local voltage, etc. We will make a quotation for you based on your requirements.

The answer is No, because the maize and wheat’s Physical Characteristics are different, like the shape, and the hardness, all are different, so they need different production technology. If you also need the maize milling machine, we can also offer you.

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