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Brief Description

The 20tpd sifted maize flour milling machines can produce low-fat corn grits, corm meal, and corn flour of different sizes at the same time.

This line includes precleaning, stone removing, peeling, polishing, milling, brushing, plan sifter, electric control, and packing, which can ensure maize flour yield and quality with low energy consumption and investment.
20ton maize processing machine
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20ton per day maize milling plant complete set


Production Capacity20TPD
Extraction rate85%
ColorCustomer Demand
Covering AreaWheat flour mill: 18*7*5m
Maize flour mill:16.5*6*4.5 m
Core ComponentsPLC, Gear, Motor, Bearing


1.maize cleaning

It adopts the cleaning process of one sieving, one brushing, and one destoning. Maize from the silo is lifted to cleaning sieve and destoner by bucket elevator. The impurities removal mainly makes use of the different sizes of impurities to remove the large and small impurities in the maize. Then the raw materials after the screening part are transported to destoner to remove stones.

The cleaning sieve is equipped with a suction dust removal fan in addition to the stone part, then, the small stone that can’t be removed by destoning is suspended separation and is removed. It can also remove the smallest impurities. Then, the raw materials go to the wheat brushing machine to remove impurities such as ash, and mud on the surface of the corn and sieve out impurities through the sieve plate.

2.maize flour milling

If the peeling is required, there are two maize peeling machines to remove husk and germ. After peeling, it goes to the crusher for preliminary crushing. Crushed materials will be ground by two flour mill machines and sieved to achieve the fineness of maize flour through a sieve double storehouse.

The maize flour that meets the standard will be packed directly, and those that can’t meet the standard will continue to milling and then sieve to achieve the fineness of the flour. The final powder that can’t meet the standard will be packaged as raw materials for animal feed.

Good news!!! We also have other capacities such as 5-30t/24h, 50t/24h,100t/24h, 200t/24h, etc…any news pls contact me.

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The flour extraction rate depends on the cleanliness of the raw grain and the type of the finished product. Usually
the flour the extraction rate is 75%-85%.

Yes, the maize mill line can run with Generator.

No, the physical properties of wheat and maize/corn are different, and they require completely different production lines.

Yes, the wheat/maize/corn flour mill can produce different sizes of flour at the same time at one production line.

Yes,the packing machine can pack 1kg-5kg;5kg-20kg,25-50kg.

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