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Brief Description

The 10ton maize milling mahcine is the simplest maize flour mill equipment, it can produce maize/corn flour with different mesh sizes according to your needs.

The main equipment of the 10-ton maize mills includes a bucket elevator, combination cleaner, dehulling and determinating machinery, crusher, majestic drum, roller mill, round sieve, fan, dust catcher, airlock, control panel, supports, pipes, and cables, platform scale & portable sewing machine.

About maize milling machine price between 8100 to 9800$,more details pls contact

Capacity10-15tons per day
Voltage380v, 50Hz
Final product70-80%flour, 20-30%bran


Dehulling & Degerminating → Crushing → Cleaning → Grinding → Flour Sieving → Fine Maize Flour



As a leading manufacturer of milling machinery, Burt Flour Milling Machinery tailors Maize flour process solutions to each customer’s specific situation and needs. Our maize milling machine prices are also very cheap in the industry, you can rest assured.
If you want to think about getting more details about the costs and equipment for setting up a flour production plant, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Good news!!! We also have other capacities such as 5-30t/24h, 50t/24h,100t/24h, 200t/24h, etc…any news pls contact me.


The flour extraction rate depends on the cleanliness of the raw grain and the type of the finished product. Usually
the flour the extraction rate is 75%-85%.

Yes, the maize mills line can run with Generator.

No, the physical properties of wheat and maize/corn are different, and they require completely different production lines.

Yes, the wheat/maize/corn milling machine manufacturers can produce different sizes of flour at the same time at one production line.

Yes,the packing machine can pack 1kg-5kg;5kg-20kg,25-50kg.

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