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Brief Description

The 20TPD Wheat Flour Milling Machine is a small-scale flour mill unit. It mainly includes a cleaning sieve, wheat threshing machine, destoner, and washing machine, magnetic selector, wheat milling machine, high-efficiency plansifter, bran brusher, flour elevator, fans, airlocks, and so on.

Advanced milling equipment, including pneumatic control roller mill, electric control roller mill, square plansifter, and purifier.

20ton corn flour processing machine
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Ipment Name20TPD wheat flour milling machine
Iutput20 ton per day
Main Cleaning Equipment1.High-speed Virbration Sieve
2.Wheat Scourer
3.Low Pressure Blower
5.Magnetic Separator
Milling Equipment1.Roller Mills
2. Flour sieve
3.High Pressure Blower
4. Air lock

Product Features

Grain processing equipment (mainly for wheat and maize/corn). Multifunction
Modern processing workshops.
High efficiency and low consumption
Easy to operate and maintain.
Saves manpower and labor intensity
High output rate.
Produces high-quality flour

Production Process

The whole 20tpd wheat milling machine is composed of two parts, the wheat cleaning process, and the wheat flour milling process.
And we also can design the flour production process and equip the suitable flour milling machines based on your actual condition and your requirements.

①Wheat Cleaning Section

The cleaning process includes sifting, scouring, stoning, washing, magnetic selection, magnetic separation, etc. The combination of such cleaning processes saves space and reduces investment costs, and can meet the cleaning needs. 

The wheat washer can remove the wheat in the abdominal ditch of the ash, and also has the effect of removing the stone again.

②Wheat Flour Milling Section

The wheat processing machine of the 20TPD flour mill machine manufacturer includes sieve classification and modding.

This is taken into full consideration on the wheat husk scraping, and the effect of separation of the skin, to ensure that the bran is integrity and clean.


We have built commercial wheat flour mill plant projects that were designed with a pneumatic flour mill in many countries, Contact us to get the project report on wheat flour processing and the setup cost of a commercial wheat flour mill.


Semolina(very high gluten)–Pasta flour (gluten >13%)—Bread
Plain flour (gluten 9%-12%)–Noodle, Steamed bread Soft flour (gluten<8%)—Cake, Biscuit

Full automatic line, Cleaning the raw material–Grinding the material into flour–Packing the flour into bags.

The answer is No, because the maize and wheat’s Physical Characteristics are different, like the shape, and the hardness, all are different, so they need different production technology. If you also need the maize milling machine, we can also offer you.

You don’t need to worry about anything, Our professional Chinese engineer will go to your country to help you install the machinery and train workers.
*Training how to install the machine, training how to use the machine, maintenance.
* Engineers available to service machinery overseas. Providing professional support for the consultation of engineering technology and technical problem.

We have been focusing on the production of grain processing machinery and equipment for more than 30 years, gathered a large number of industry senior experts and engineers team, invented dozens of technical patents, product quality, and technology leading international, and have a perfect after-sales service team.

Quality is a priority. We always attach great importance to quality control from the very beginning to the end of production. Every product will be fully assembled and carefully tested before it’s packed for shipment.

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