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Brief Description

This 50TPD maize(corn) flour making mill machine consists of a vibrating sieve, destoner machine, magnetic separation machine, winding machine, broken slag degerming, duplex flour miller, corn milling machine, double screen, packing machine, etc.

From raw materials, cleaning, broken slag, and degerming, milling, and sieving to the finished product packaging one-stop production, and a high degree of automation, can produce high precision corn flour.

50tpd maize processing plant
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Tabular Data

Products50TPD maize(corn) flour making mill machine
End productsgrade corn flour and corn bran
Products yield rategrade corn flour 75-80%, corn bran 20-25%
Corn flour fineness40-200 meshes (the flour fineness can be adjusted)
Sand content<0.02%
Magnetic metal content< 0.003/kg
Moisture storage13.5-14.5%
Fat content0.5-1%
Appearance and tastebright and golden color, fine powder, high quality and pure taste
Core equipmentsVibrating sieve, classifying destoner machine, air blower, air suction du

Key Features

Process Overview

Maize Cleaning

Maize cleaning(separation, aspiration, destoning, and dampening): cleaning process using a vibrating sieve, destoner, magnetic separators for drying cleaning. We use a double screw damper for keeping moisture in the maize. the microcomputer controls the water damper. add water to ensure more accurate and uniform water, prevent free water; the use of degerminator for peeling maize into small pieces and embryo separated in order to ensure quality and by fully mechanized and use.


Determination Section of maize milling machine: (polishing, crushing, and grading)


Use of advanced maize milling and sifting equipment to ensure its process effect, Purification can separate the fine skin and broken germs by the combined effect of screening and winnowing.
Using a set of pneumatic conveying systems, and five blower air systems, the process can also produce 2-4 kinds of high-quality final products.


The warehouse can reduce the amount of labor used. Measuring and packaging can adopt manual or electrical measuring and packaging according to actual needs.
The packing machine is with sealed type bag-clamping mechanism, which can prevent material from leaking out.There are many types of specification like 1-5kg,2.5-10kg,20-25kg,30-50kg.The clients can choose different packing specifications according to their requirements.


As a leading manufacturer of milling machinery, Burt Flour Milling Machinery tailors Maize flour process solutions to each customer’s specific situation and needs. Our maize milling machine prices are also very cheap in the industry, you can rest assured.
If you want to think about getting more details about the costs and equipment for setting up a flour production plant, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


YES! One maize flour milling line can produce different sizes of maize flour and maize grits at the same time.

We have been focusing on the production of grain processing machinery and equipment for more than 30 years, gathered a large number of industry senior experts and engineers team, invented dozens of technical patents, product quality, and technology leading international, and have a perfect after-sales service team.

Please let us know the machine capacity you need, like 10t/d, 20t/d, 30t/d, 50t/d, etc; And the fineness of finished flour you want to get after milling; Other information like workshop size, local voltage, etc. We will make a quotation for you based on your requirements.

The automatic weighing and packing machine can pack 10-25kg and 25-50kg flour per pp bag, And another packing machine can pack
1-10kg flour per paper bag.

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