500 tons of Anhui wheat production line

maize production line
maize production line

Project Overview

This 500-ton wheat production line is what our domestic customers want to produce superfine wheat flour.

We designed the workshop and design scheme according to the customer’s needs, which lasted 4 years.

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maize production line


Burt Machinery

Wheat Flour Milling Plant

We have a variety of different wheat production lines, which can produce semolina, fine flour, and design a variety of processes according to customer needs

20TPD flour milling plant
Burt Machinery

Maize Milling Machine

Our machines can produce maize flour, maize grits, and standard flour as you need. We have various production lines and look forward to our cooperation

combined rice mill machine
Burt Machinery

Rice Milling Plant

After the rice is hulled, it becomes the rice we eat. We have rice mills with various yields and look forward to our cooperation.

Burt Machinery